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It is, concurrently, a humbling, yet strangely exhilarating, realization: My love of music, which began when I first picked up a guitar and started performing on-stage in 1965, has now spanned six decades. During this time I've alternated between actually making my living playing music and using it primarily as a creative diversion, while concentrating on other professional pursuits.

Still, the music has always been there. And I'm more fortunate than most; my music always will be there. Access to decent recording equipment -- initially, tape; more recently, in digital format -- has allowed me to create an audio "legacy" of my musical accomplishments.

This Web site may be the ultimate ego trip, but it's also my attempt to share with others some of the joy music has brought me, through the years. If nothing else, it will provide my son, Jason, an opportunity to roll his eyes and snicker, as he's forced to endure a permanent record (pun intended) of his "old man's" creative endeavors. I mean, it's all out there on the Internet and, once something is launched into cyberspace, it tends to drift around forever...and ever...and ever...and...

"Take that, World!!!" he exclaimed, accompanied by maniacal laughter.
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"Greatest Misses: Volume 2"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2016)

Choosing your favorite songs from everything you've recorded over the past five years is not unlike being asked to name your favorite child. Imagine how difficult this would be, if you had 100 kids to pick from!

And yet, that's exactly what Kevin and I attempted to do with this, our second collection of past Gypsies' releases. We hope you enjoy the fourteen songs we ultimately selected.
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"Band of Gypsies"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2015)

Kevin and I are extremely fortunate. The Gypsies have worked with a bunch of talented musicians over the past several years. Well, we've now "officially" welcomed into the fold two of those talented musicians, Ron Sachs and Ron Baumgartner. And I couldn't be happier.

With the addition of the two Rons, we truly are, as the title of this album suggests, a "Band of Gypsies".
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Gypsies in Cyberspace (2015)

"23:59:50" is the tenth album Kevin and I have released, since we first started collaborating with one another, wayyyyyy back in 2010, and founded the "virtual" band, Gypsies in Cyberspace.

Not bad for a couple of guys who live an ocean apart and have never met each other, in-person.

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"Too Old to Rock & Roll"
Jack Nimersheim (2015)

The title track on this one really was inspired by my son's comment, a while back, that "Dad, you're never too old to rock & roll." Thanks for the inspiration, pal.

Recording this album gave me a chance to reunite musically with my long-time friends and ex-bandmates from Heather. (See below.) It was great, singing and playing with Jim, Ron Sachs and Ronnie B, once again, after so many years. Friendship and music, it appears, endure forever!
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"Closer to the Sun"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2014)

To quote John Lennon: "Number Nine...Number Nine". "Closer to the Sun" is the ninth Gypsies in Cyberspace album Kev and I have completed since our musical paths first converged, in 2010. We just keep making new music together, digitally eliminating the geographical separation that, long ago, would have discouraged lesser mortals. lol

And now...onward...to Number Ten!
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"Fortune Cookie Zen"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2014)

Kev and I just can't seem to stop coming up with new songs for da Gypsies to record. "Fortune Cookie Zen" is the eighth album we've recorded together.

Special thanks to Jim Gaines (pedal-steel guitar) for contributing to this one.

And a special, special thanks to Ron Baumgartner, whose incredible drumming has helped define the Gypsies' sound, over the past couple years. You da man, RB!
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Heather (2013)

What can you say about a band that formed in the early 1970s, the members of which remain friends...even after four decades?

How about, "These guys deserve an encore!"

I recently used my digital "toys" to restore as best I could...from singles, albums, acetates, and demo tapes...fifteen Heather recordings dating back to those early days. "Chronography" also includes two new songs that we recorded in 2013, when the band's creative paths once again converged. As I said earlier, friendship and music endure forever.
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"Nightmares & Fantasies"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2013)

Another day, another album. Sometimes, it actually feels like this...given how prolific Kev and I seem to be, whenever we shift into collaborative mode and start work on a new Gypsies' project.

Here's our latest, "Nightmares & Fantasies", which was recorded between March and September, 2013.
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"From My Mind to Your Ears"
Jack Nimersheim (2013)

Enough Nimersheim songs exist, now, to put together a second "solo" album...and here it is.

Some of these songs have appeared elsewhere...primarily on several albums I've recorded with Gypsies in Cyberspace, the "virtual" band I co-founded with my Scottish collaborator, Kevin Sweeney, back in 2010. They're all Nimersheim compositions... although two were co-written with on-line friends from Europe and Canada.
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"Greatest Misses"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2013)

Huh? Greatest "misses"? What's up with that? What can we say? Da Gypsies have never had a "hit" -- whatever that means, in this modern age of iTunes, niche markets and Spotify playlists. What we have done, however, is record some pretty damn good music, over the past three years.

How good? In the end, that's your call. Here are fourteen tracks, culled from our five earlier albums, to help you decide.
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"Middle of Nowhere"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2013)

For our fifth album, da Gypsies took a musical journey to the "Middle of Nowhere".

Several friends contributed their talents to various tracks, on this album. Jason Nimersheim, Jim Gaines, Rick Marksberry, and Ron Baumgartner...thanks, all. We couldn't have done it without you.
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"Time of Parting"
Jack Nimersheim (2012)

This album could have been called "The Basement Songs". Several years ago, thanks to modern technology, I set up a recording studio in my (wait for it) basement...a musical man-cave, if you will.

And then, I started recording what ultimately turned into a "theme" album about the evolution of love -- from its seemingly serendipitous beginnings to its, all too often, inevitable end.
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"Transoceanic Railway"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2012)

Gypsies in Cyberspace recently completed "Transoceanic Railway", our fourth album. My favorite Scot, Kevin Sweeney, and I continue to make some amazing music together...despite the fact that that pesky Atlantic Ocean still separates us. Ain't modern technology wonderful?

As in the past, several incredibly talented friends helped us flesh out the twelve songs on this one. Special thanks to Ron Baumgartner, Cliff Stanton and Rick Marksberry for keeping this one...um...on-track, musically. We owe ya, guys!
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"Someone Else's Window"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2012)

"Someone Else's Window" is the third album Kevin and I have recorded together since first stumbling across one another, on-line, back in 2010. It's been an incredible musical ride for a couple of guys who have yet to meet, in person.

We headed down some new musical paths on this one, with a bit of help from some talented friends. Give our latest creative efforts a listen...and let us know what you think.
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"Mad Bad World"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2011)

Here's the Gypsies' second album, "Mad Bad World". Click on the nifty cover art to the left and give it a listen.

We're proud of these ten songs. We tried to stretch our creative muscles on this one, experimenting with new musical styles and studio techniques...pursuing a unique Gypsies' "sound". As the old saying goes, however, the proof is in the pudding. So, let us know if we succeeded.
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"Gypsies in Cyberspace"
Gypsies in Cyberspace (2010)

How's this for a fascinating concept? Six musicians from three continents, coming together to create a "virtual" band we call Gypsies in Cyberspace. None of us has ever met, in person...but we have managed to form a musical bond that transcends distance and time zones.

Throughout 2010, "da Gypsies" collaborated on more than a dozen songs...each created, discussed, arranged, recorded, refined, mixed, and mastered exclusively over the Internet. We've gathered together ten of them, here, to create our first album. It won't be the last.
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"Journey's End"
(Heather, live, 1993)

Call this one the Heather "bootleg" album. In 1993, seventeen years after we'd last played together, the old(er) gang reunited for a live concert to benefit the historic Hoosier Theater, in Vevay, Indiana. By dumb luck, I managed to make a pretty decent recording of our final ride into the musical sunset.

Nothing fancy. Just a cassette recorder and a couple microphones set up in the back of the hall. But, then, it didn't require anything fancy to capture the energy and musical essence of a Heather performance.

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